About us

What we do

cropped-plant_a_tree-e1455725690773.jpgWe encourage initiatives to prevent climate change without drastically changing our livestyles.
You want to live in a house, drive your car, eat meat, travel by plane, use electronic devices
and have a nice planet for your kids to live on!

This need won’t change for most people, and our global population is growing rapidly!

So we need to adjust the way these needs affect the environment.

What we stand for?

– We spread the word that:
Our climate is changing rapidly
Our planet won’t be able to support 10 billion people with the current lifestyle.
Food production wil be insufficient by 2030 to 2050
Fish in the oceans wil be depleted
– We encourage and fund environmental initiatives

– We inform you about new scientific breakthroughs

– We inform you about what companies to avoid!

– We provide a platform for discussion on environmental issues.

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